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Veterinary Blueprint Podcast - Host Bill Butler

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Bill Butler - Founder Butler Vet Insurance

Bill Butler, CIC, CISR, CWCA


Bill Butler is president of Butler & Associates Insurance Agency Inc. and founder of Butler Vet Insurance, focusing on insurance for the veterinary and pet services industry.

He spent twelve years in the military with the Minnesota Army National Guard and US Army, serving in various roles both in Minnesota and 101st Airborne Division, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, before entering the insurance industry.

He is active in his local business community, veterinary associations, and Rotary Club, and is passionate about giving back to others. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he and his wife, Shannon, reside in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Today, Bill's team serves in a different role, protecting their customers with the same level of drive and dedication he had in the military. Since 2004 when Bill joined his parents at their independent insurance agency, he has made insurance education and protecting everything his clients have worked so hard for his number one priority.

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We Wrote the Book on Vet Insurance

What is your biggest source of stress when it comes to insuring your practice?

Bill Butler has found when asking this question of practice owners and managers the answer he hears most often is that they don’t understand the insurance products they are already purchasing and what coverages they need. Veterinarians start their practice to help animals but quickly find out that there is so much more to running their business and insurance is just one piece of a confusing puzzle that can be costly if done wrong.

Butler Vet Insurance's
Protect Your Practice Blueprint

Find out why Veterinarians are working with Butler Vet Insurance
"A colleague recommended Bill Butler and Butler Vet Insurance and I am glad they did. Bill was able to fill some gaps in coverage and make sure my practice is insured properly."

Dr. Rick Cameron
Bass Lake Pet Hospital

"Bill's detailed knowledge of the veterinary field is evident, and is so valuable when it comes to insurance. We have also been impressed with his quick and thorough communication."

Dr. Leah Renne

"Bill took the time to help us with the special needs of house call practice. He let us know where we were already getting good rates and where we could improve. When I was declined for disability insurance for a policy through an association, Bill found a way for me to obtain policies for me and my practice. I will continue to use Bill for my insurance needs because of his honesty, integrity, and knowledge that he is looking out for me."

Dr. Ann M. Fischer, DVM
Practice Owner

"I met Bill at a veterinary association event. At the time I didn't give my insurance much thought, until my renewal came with a significant rate increase. He was able to help me save money and keep the same coverage""

Dr. Coral Riggs, DVM
Owner, North Paws Veterinary Clinic

"Since joining the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association as an Industry Partner Bill Butler has always been willing to help our Veterinarians when asked. We are grateful for Industry Partners like Bill and the support he has provided to MVMA over the years because it shows that he values everyone's success within the Minnesota Veterinary Community, this book is another example of that support."

Kelly Andrews
CAE, Executive Director, Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

"Bill has been a part of the Minnesota Independent Insurance Agents Association as a member, an emerging leader, a legislative committee member, and now a trusted advisory agent owner. Bill has learned and advanced in his level of knowledge immensely over the past 18 years even during tough personal times. He is always striving to learn more to make his customers' lives more safe, sound and secure and is a valued member of the association."

April Goodin
Director of Operations, MN Independent Insurance Agents Association

"I know from my own experience coaching is the number one way for anybody to take things to the next level, Bill invested in coaching to help his team and his clients. This book is a product of that coaching."

Joe Theismann
President, JRT Associates, Inc.

"Bill Butler is a role model for other independent insurance agents when it comes to professionalism, responsiveness and caring"

Kevin Steiner
CEO & President, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

"I was first introduced to Bill Butler during a VHA webinar on Worker's Compensation insurance. I have been a veterinary practice owner for over 15 years but did not have a good understanding of our insurance policies, especially Worker's Compensation. Bill's presentation was well-organized and provided me with a much better understanding. I invited him to do a full insurance review for my practice, and after a thorough discussion of my individual needs we switched all of our policies over to Butler Vet Insurance. I highly recommend Bill Butler and Butler Vet Insurance for all of your veterinary practice insurance needs!"

Jennifer Blair, DVM, CVA, CVFT, CTPEP
Hospital Administrator, Practice Owner, St Francis Animal Hospital / St Francis Integrative Services

"One of the most important decisions business owners make, but often take for granted, is who we are going to select to protect our greatest asset. It is my privilege to recommend the preeminent authority to protect your veterinary practice-Bill Butler and his team. Bill is the nationally recognized authority for the vet insurance industry, a speaker, author and a business leader. This book is revolutionary and reiterates why every veterinary practice owner must work with Butler Vet Insurance."

Mike Stromsoe
Insurance Agency Owner, Author, Speaker, Business Coach, The Unstoppable Profit Producer

"I have known Bill since 2014 and he is one of the best independent insurance agents in the industry. I have seen his growth as an agency owner and thought leader in the industry. The level of investment in himself is uncommon in the insurance industry and watching him take action to author this book has been impressive to watch."

Russ Castle
President, Insurance by Castle

"I am so thankful to have Bill as my insurance agent and appreciate his integrity and expertise. I have peace of mind knowing I have the coverage I need and am protected. Bill understands the veterinary industry and the concerns veterinarians face."

Dr. Amy Haarstad, DVM, DACVD
Practice Owner, Haarstad Veterinary Dermatology

"Bill and his team at Butler Vet Insurance are a huge asset to my practice. Over the past few years my business has grown, and I have always been able to rely on Bill to make sure my practice has the insurance it needs. Having a trusted insurance advisor like Bill is a must for every practice owner."

Dr. Sven Kohlmyer
DVM, Owner, Wayzata Pet Hospital

"Butler Vet Insurance takes care of our business needs, so we can take care of our patients"

Dr. Heather Taylor
Owner, Grand Avenue Veterinary Center

"This is a MUST READ for EVERY Veterinary Practice Owner! Bill Butler has written a simple guide for helping you protect your business and his ideas will have a major, positive difference in your life! I HIGHLY recommend Bill's book! If you're looking for an insurance agent who comes from the heart, truly cares about people and will put your best interest first, then do yourself a favor and work with Bill today! You will be Grateful you did!""

James Malinchak
Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" (Viewed by 50 Million+ Worldwide) Authored 27 Books, Delivered 3,000+ Presentations & 2,000+ Business Consultations Best-Selling Author of Millionaire Success Secrets. Founder,

"We are so happy to have found Bill Butler to help us with our business insurance needs. He is knowledgeable and helpful at explaining products which may apply to our veterinary practice. I am glad to be working with someone who is part of my community.  I feel confident that Bill will be there for us if we ever need him and that he is the right fit for our established St. Paul small business. Of course my favorite thing about Bill is how much he loves our clinic cat, Chou Chou!"

Anne Brownlee DVM/Owner
Grand Avenue Veterinary Center

"Bill recently took over our business insurance needs. Insurance is confusing and Bill explained things in a manner that made sense. I'm so happy we made the transition and highly recommend Bill and Associates!"

Amanda Foss
Practice Manager Grand Avenue Veterinary Center

"I had the pleasure of meeting Bill at the October VHA expo and was so happy that he followed up with us after our initial meeting. After meeting with Bill, we realized he is one who knows the veterinary insurance industry inside and out! He is an individual who is very thorough, provides easy to understand advice, and follows through with what he says! We switched our business and workman's comp insurance to the Butler agency due to the excellent service Bill provided in just the short time we have known him. Highly recommend Bill and the Butler Agency!"

Dr. Julie Berndt
DVM Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital

"Excellent communication, service, products and pricing. I highly recommend!!"

Dr Dan Soderberg
Blaine Central Veterinary Clinic

"We have worked with Bill Butler as our hospital and work comp insurance broker for the last few years, and we could not be more pleased with his service. He gives his honest opinion based on experience about where our dollars will be best spent and about the types of coverage we need, and when there have been disputes with our insurance company he has gone to bat on our behalf.  For these reasons he has earned our loyalty and I don't foresee that changing, and I predict that other veterinary hospitals will have a similar experience if they do decide to work with him"

Kelby Howell Practice Manager
Blue Cross Animal Hospital

"Hi Bill, I just wanted to say thank you for coming out and giving me a quote for insurance.  I really appreciate the time that you took to gather information and communicate with the underwriters about our coverage.  You really took the time to educate me on our coverage and give me recommendations for the future.  Even though I can’t make a change this year because we ran out of time, I will definitely have you come back next year.  We will allow extra time next year.  Thank you again for providing great customer service!"

Sherry Foster Practice Manager / Owner
Southview Animal Hospital

"I was interested in finding a new insurance agency to meet the needs of our business. I had been listening to the radio and heard of another company. I called them and they stated they did not work with the type of business that I have, and they recommended Butler Insurance. Oddly enough Bill had stopped by our business and dropped off some information the week before. I contacted Bill and after our first meeting, I knew I would be changing our insurance needs over to Butler Insurance. My goal was to find an excellent insurance agency, to find someone who would listen to my needs, and to educate me on what I needed, to keep my business and staff protected. Bill met all of this and has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long healthy business relationship!"

Dan Cederstom DVM
Park Grove Pet Hospital

"I have been impressed with Bill’s honest communication style; he’s a good guy who doesn’t pull any punches. He strikes me as very knowledgeable and hard-working, and I have no doubt that he does his absolute best for his clients."

Heidi Brenegan Chief Marketing
Office Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota

"I needed help with my insurance and Bill exceeded my expectations. His knowledge of my business (Veterinarian) needs helped me save a ton over last year. Thanks Bill!"

Sven Kohlmyer DVM/Owner
Wayzata Pet Hospital

"My wife and I have owned our veterinary clinic since the late 90's and have been in the business for over 40 years. Bill is the knowledgeable insurance agent I have ever know. When I met Bill, if I had not know he was an insurance professional, I could have easily been convinced that he owned a veterinary practice - he was that informed about our profession. Bill is hard working and thorough as well as ethical. I would highly recommend him for your insurance needs."

David Hermann DVM/ Owner
Cleary Lake Animal Hospital