Injury Management

When an injury occurs at your business, what is the process of quickly treating the injured employee?

Do you have a complete back to work program? A partial program?

When your current work comp provider put in place the current Back-to-Work program for you – how much did you see that lowered your premium the next year?

You may want to check and see if your copy of the Injured Employee Handbook that your current provider prepared for you is current and up to date.


Insurance adjusters are often overloaded with heavy case loads. This means loss of productivity, increase in costs and increase in your experience modification : which leads to increased premiums.

Each of our Certified Workers Compensation Advisors will act on your behalf to assure the adjuster gives your claim the attention it needs, help establish a suitable return to work program, get your employee back to work and most importantly close the claim as fast as possible.

Our Promise to You

It is our mission is to help employers effectively manage their workers’ compensation program, keep employees productive and safe, and save money on the work comp insurance they need to stay in business. Our team of certified work comp agents help employers navigate  the complexities of workers’ compensation to lower the experience mod and work comp premiums while increasing productivity and profits.