Injury Prevention

Travel through any workplace in America and you will most likely find yourself in the middle of a virtual minefield of hazards, coming in all shapes and sizes-sparks, noise, chemicals, falling objects, sharp edges, just to name a few.


Attempts are often made to control a hazard at its source, perhaps by putting a barrier, such as a wall, between the worker and the hazard. But when this isn't a feasible option, other measures must be put into place to safeguard employees and prevent workplace injuries that can result in sky rocketing workers compensation costs for employers. To that end, the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) requires that all employers protect their employees from workplace hazards that can cause injury by not only providing personal protection equipment (PPE) but also making sure their workers know how to use it and when to use it

Leadership’s commitment and involvement in communicating your company's commitment to the Correct Comp process is important. It's necessary to take all of the behind the scenes steps however putting the depth of your commitment in writing solidifies your efforts in the eyes of your teammates. A sample statement highlights your commitment and could be modified in any number of ways specific to your organization

Continuous improvement means staying one step ahead of the game. A safety committee is an important tool to make sure you are constantly improving your safety performance. An organizational statement sets the guidelines for the make up of the committee as well as its tasks and goals.


Our Promise to You

It is our mission is to help employers effectively manage their workers’ compensation program, keep employees productive and safe, and save money on the work comp insurance they need to stay in business. Our team of certified work comp agents help employers navigate  the complexities of workers’ compensation to lower the experience mod and work comp premiums while increasing productivity and profits.