Worker’s Compensation

Your Work Comp Solution

Butler Vet’s certified Workers Comp professionals help employers effectively manage the complexities of workers’ compensation. We work proactively with our clients to implement and fine-tune the processes that, if left unmanaged, increase the experience mod and drive up work comp premiums..

We are a dedicated team of work comp professionals here to help you now and when you need it most. Our team supports successful employers with:

  • Experience Modification – Lower Mod, Lower Premium, Save Money and Sometimes Get Money Back
  • Implement/Improve Processes, Review Payroll Audit for Errors and Work to Correct Errors, Calculate and Review Experience Mod and Work to Lower Mod
  • Find the Right Carrier Fit For Your Work Comp Needs
  • HR Expertise – Support Your HR Staff in Dealing with Complex Work Comp Situations
  • Recruit, Hire and Retain, Job Descriptions – Including Light Duty/Return to Work, Employee Handbook and Policies and Procedures, Drug Testing, Termination
  • Risk Management – Limit Exposures, Prevent Injuries
  • Claims Management Expertise – Monitors Claims from Filing Through Close, Communicate with Adjusters, Carriers, Doctors, Nurses, Employee, and Employer to Get Employee Safely Back to Work and Resolve Open Claims
  • Close Open Claims, Lower Reserves, and Coordinate
  • Communication, Track Down and Process Documentation, Pursue and Obtain Revised Workability
  • Safety and Fraud Support – Prevent Injuries, Investigate Accidents, Root Out Fraudulent Work Comp Claims and Create a Safe Workplace
  • Safety Policies and Procedure and Safety Committees

Our Promise to You

It is our mission is to help employers effectively manage their workers’ compensation program, keep employees productive and safe, and save money on the work comp insurance they need to stay in business. Our team of certified work comp agents help employers navigate  the complexities of workers’ compensation to lower the experience mod and work comp premiums while increasing productivity and profits.