Workers Compensation Insurance

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The Bad News:  If you are a veterinary practice you are going to have claims!  It is rare for a companion veterinary practice to go a year without a workers compensation claim.  You know you are going to have claims and when you do they can affect not only your injured employee but also your bottom line.

The Good News:  Butler Vet Insurance has partnered with some of the top names in the Workers Compensation industry to help you by finding the best carrier, the best coverage for the best price.

Claims are going to happen and when they do you should focus on your employee and not worry about what is going to happen with your Experience Modification or premium.  60-80% of your total insurance costs as a veterinarian are going to go toward your workers compensation policies.  Make sure that you are getting the best value for your insurance dollars by allowing Butler Vet Insurance to analyze your policy today!