Podcast Episode #12 – Languages of Appreciation

Languages of Appreciation

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Marie Pabst
Diagnostic Sales Manager
Antech Diagnostics

In the latest episode of the Veterinary Blueprint podcast, host Bill Butler engages with Marie Paps, an expert in the Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, to uncover the transformative impact authentic appreciation can have on veterinary practice environments. The insightful conversation reveals how effective recognition goes beyond monetary rewards, fostering a positive culture that leads to happier teams and a stronger employer-employee relationship.

Marie Paps, with a rich history in animal health sales and a passion for enhancing workplace dynamics, shares her journey from pharmaceutical sales to developing Other Centered Growth. This company focuses on assisting practice owners and managers in recognizing and valuing their teams in a more personalized and impactful way. Paps underscores that nearly half of the workforce values words of affirmation, indicating the profound effect of sincere praise on employee engagement and retention.

The episode delves into how appreciation in a professional context differs from personal expressions of gratitude. Paps emphasizes the significance of personalized appreciation, explaining the pitfalls of generic gestures and the importance of understanding individual preferences. The discussion points out the common mistake of assuming that what works for one will work for all, promoting the "platinum rule"—treating teammates as they prefer to be treated, rather than making assumptions based on personal preferences.<br><br>Furthermore, Paps highlights the power of handwritten notes and individual acknowledgment, which, when executed correctly, can deepen the sense of being valued within the team. The chapter on mastering the platinum rule presents the idea that recognition should be a grassroots movement within the practice, where every team member participates in fostering mutual respect and acknowledgment.

In the realm of employee recognition, Paps provides practical tips for practice owners and managers, such as using an individual's name when giving praise and ensuring the acknowledgment is timely and genuine. She also dispels the notion that financial compensation is the primary driver for employee satisfaction, pointing out that a lack of appreciation is a significant factor in employee turnover.

By incorporating the principles of the Languages of Appreciation into daily interactions, veterinary practices can see a marked improvement in their work environment. The episode encourages listeners to start with simple, cost-free steps, such as verbally expressing gratitude or writing a note, to make an immediate positive impact on their team.

In conclusion, the podcast episode with Marie Pabst is a must-listen for veterinary practice owners and managers seeking to enhance team dynamics and build a culture of gratitude. By embracing the Languages of Appreciation, veterinary workspaces can be transformed into nurturing environments where each team member feels valued and integral to the shared success of the practice.

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