Veterinary Blueprints Podcast Episode #4 Driving Positive Change in the Animal Care Industry

Driving Positive Change in the Animal Care Industry

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In the world of animal health, change is constant and adaptation is crucial. On this episode of our podcast, we sit down with Nona Nesseth, a seasoned professional in the animal health industry. Nona shares her insights on advocating for change and community engagement in the veterinary practice, driving home the point that change is not only necessary but can be extremely beneficial if implemented correctly.

Nona begins by exploring the realm of veterinary pharmaceutical sales tactics. She emphasizes the importance of trust and communication in fostering relationships between veterinarians and pharmaceutical reps. Nona’s approach to sales is rooted in authenticity and genuine care for the welfare of animals. She stresses the need for practices to conduct their own due diligence when choosing pharmaceutical products, reminding us that the flashy sales pitch is not always indicative of the product’s true value.

Nona’s passion extends beyond the commercial aspects of the industry. She is a firm advocate for the fear-free initiative and has dedicated much of her time to volunteering for the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation (MVMF). Nona highlights the role of the MVMF in supporting the veterinary community through scholarships, grants, and community events. She underscores the importance of such initiatives in fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose within the veterinary community.

In discussing the implementation of change within veterinary practice, Nona acknowledges the challenges but insists on its necessity. She believes that the key to successful change implementation lies in effective communication and gaining staff buy-in. This involves not only informing staff about the proposed changes but also explaining the reasons behind them and the benefits they offer. Nona encourages practices to adopt regular team meetings to facilitate this communication process and to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The conversation also touched on the increasing competition within the veterinary industry, particularly from online platforms offering telemedicine and product sales. Nona highlights the importance of staying informed and adapting to these changes. She encourages practices to focus on their unique strengths and to leverage these to provide superior care and service to their patients and clients.

Finally, Nona gave us a sneak peek into the much-anticipated vet gala, a masquerade-style costume party with abundant fundraising opportunities. The event, she explains, is not only a celebration of the veterinary community but also a testament to their shared commitment to animal care and welfare.

In sum, Nona Nesseth’s journey in the animal health industry is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a willingness to embrace change. Her insights offer valuable lessons for anyone involved in animal care, reminding us of the importance of constant learning, community engagement, and the drive to make a positive impact in the lives of animals.

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