Veterinary Blueprints Podcast Episode #5 – What do You Sell.

What do You Sell?

Veterinary Blueprints Podcast - What do you sell?

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In the ever-evolving business landscape, companies that understand the importance of building emotional connections with their customers are the ones that stand out and thrive. This concept is beautifully illustrated by Disney, a company renowned for its exceptional customer service. In a recent podcast episode, former Disney guest service manager, Christos Provistalis, unraveled the magic behind Disney’s enchanting customer service, emphasizing the importance of investing in emotional connections and the human element in business.

The cornerstone of Disney’s approach is the understanding that they are selling an emotion, not just a product. This means their focus is not just on providing a service or selling merchandise but on evoking feelings of joy, excitement, and magic in their customers. Christos shares a captivating story of how, during his time at Disney, he used technology to connect a little girl with Cinderella. This interaction not only brought immense joy to the girl but also exemplified the power of connecting with customers on an emotional level.

Christos draws parallels with family-run businesses, like his family’s restaurant, where the goal is to sell a sense of family more than just food. The key takeaway is understanding what your company truly sells and how to evoke the desired emotion in your customers. This emotional connection can be the difference between success and failure.

Building on this, the episode explores the significance of creating unforgettable customer experiences through emotional connections. Making customers feel valued and appreciated fosters loyalty and encourages repeat business. Christos introduces the concept of creating customers who create customers, highlighting the importance of positive word-of-mouth referrals in growing your business.

Personal touches and gestures can make a colossal difference in your business. Whether it’s a heartfelt thank you note or going the extra mile to accommodate a customer’s request, these small acts of kindness can create a lasting positive impression and build customer loyalty.

In conclusion, the episode underlines the transformative power of emotional connections in business. By understanding what your company truly sells and evoking the desired emotion in your customers, you can unlock new levels of success. Whether you’re running a small family business or a large corporation, the key to thriving in today’s competitive business landscape is to invest in building genuine, emotional connections with your customers.

As Christos succinctly puts it, “touch your customers on such a level that your competition has no understanding of it. They don’t even speak the same language.” By doing so, you can create a loyal customer base that will drive your business to new heights.

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