Podcast Episode #8 – From Private Practice to Veterinary Medical Device Innovation

From Private Practice to Veterinary Medical Device Innovation with Dr. Stephanie Morley

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Embarking on a career in veterinary medicine traditionally leads one to the exam room, with the daily routine of patient care and the fulfilling yet challenging task of ensuring the well-being of our furry friends. However, for some, like Dr. Stephanie Morley, the call of innovation and entrepreneurship beckons, leading to the brave decision to venture into the realm of veterinary technology and corporate leadership. In the latest episode of Veterinary Blueprints, Dr. Morley shares her journey from a veterinarian in small animal practice to becoming the president of Vetlen Advanced Veterinary Devices, revealing how she navigated the waters of career transition.

In the podcast, Dr. Morley’s narrative offers a candid look into the seldom-discussed emotional toll of veterinary practice, where issues like perfectionism, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome are prevalent. She discusses how societal expectations often magnify these challenges for women in the veterinary field. Her experience is a mirror to many in the profession, grappling with similar issues and looking for guidance on how to surmount them. Dr. Morley emphasizes the importance of networking and skill translation in overcoming barriers, turning her personal struggles into empowering lessons for her peers.

The transition from clinician to entrepreneur is not without its hurdles. Dr. Morley dissects the significant shift from strategy implementation to creation, discussing the art of team building and navigating high-stakes decisions. Her story is a beacon for veterinary professionals who might be contemplating a similar move, highlighting the importance of business acumen and decision-making authority in the world of veterinary medicine. Moreover, the episode delves into the growing entrepreneurial spirit among veterinary students, noting the crucial need for financial literacy and business management skills to thrive in private practice.

A highlight of the conversation is the exclusive preview of a groundbreaking veterinary drug delivery device, poised to revolutionize long-term treatment solutions. This innovation, born from Dr. Morley’s guidance and significant backing from the Department of Defense, promises to reduce biofilm development in orthopedic implant infections. It’s a testament to the importance of incorporating the voice of the customer into product development, ensuring that new technology not only meets the needs of veterinarians but is also readily adopted by the community.

The podcast concludes with a reminder of the importance of community engagement. Listeners are encouraged to participate by sending their thoughts, questions, or suggestions for future episodes, further nurturing the shared experience of veterinary professionals on their journey towards personal empowerment and professional excellence.

In the realm of veterinary medicine, the path from clinician to corporate leadership is unconventional, yet it is a journey that offers immense opportunities for growth, innovation, and the shaping of the future of animal health. Dr. Stephanie Morley’s story is an inspiring example of what is possible when one harnesses their full potential and embraces the challenges that come with stepping out of the exam room and into the world of veterinary entrepreneurship.

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